Allon McCall. Age 43. 

Thats me. 

I’d like to think i’m a creative and a thinker. I am a musician (drummer) for the hard rock/ metal band _ECHOSEVEN. I’m a songwriter, producer, recording engineer, screenwriter, bouncer, on air TV host, public speaker and beauty pageant host- sometimes. 

I enjoy food (deserts primarily) , cars, science fiction, 80’s anime, all music (mostly rock and classical), watches, technology (notice i didn’t use the word “tech” i used the WHOLE word) and a few other things I will leave out.

As you can see my interests are not typical of what a Black male is thought to enjoy. No where in there did i say drinking, or smoking, or sports, or anything “urban” 

Which leads me toward the heart of this bio. From day one I have been everything that society says I shouldn’t be. I’ve liked what society says I shouldn’t like. For a good part of my life I was in a constant battle with myself – to find myself. 

I moved to Atlantic Canada when I was 25 years old. I am a husband and a father of a young black man. As I have gotten older I have realized a lot regarding what it means to be Black in North America. As a child I was like many black kids- white washed with the notion that things were not as they were in my parents childhood or my grandparents childhood. That things (society) were better, different, accepting. My childhood was one of poverty. Struggle. I had both parents at home however both parents were broken by the system, or at least one parent decided to follow the broken one and nothing got better as a result. I lost myself in that fantasy world of equality, and acceptance that sitcoms and dramas and cartoons and comic books, and Sci fi offered me. I was born in New Jersey and raised in the South Bronx of NYC. I attended highschool there, attended Pace University downtown, and began my career in the music industry there. I did experience racism, though at the time i didn’t realize it, nor was I told that was what was happening to me. I was denied jobs, or overlooked for opportunities, experienced micro-aggressions. And for all of NYC’s flaws, I never experienced blatant outright racism, in your face racism… not until I moved to Atlantic Canada. 

2020 was a crazy year but also it was an awakening. 2020 was the straw that broke this camel’s back and allowed me the courage to say everything i’ve always wanted to say, in public, not just to random friends and family that would listen. “On Second Thought” is exactly that, it’s a platform where I can talk my shit and hopefully, it resonates with others so that maybe I can say the things they are still afraid to say out loud.

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