Hillary LeBlanc, a 27 year old biraicial, bisexual woman. I work as a communcations officer and beauty advisor. I model, blog, YouTube and am a content creator. I am very passionate about feminism, equality and equity for all races, the LGBTQ+ community and the lower income community as well as speaking out on sexual assault, domestic violence and ending the stigma around addictions.

When I was first asked to be a part of the Black in the Maritimes Podcast, I was honestly shocked. I wasn’t sure if I was being asked because of my recently loudness about sobriety, because I was talking about my trauma with no holds barred, because of my modelling, or because of trying to understand my Blackness. Obviously I was excited regardless, and I am so thrilled I did the podcast so that I could become a main contributor and blogger for this team.

Black in the Maritimes has an amazing group of people working behind it, from all walks of life as you are learning this week, coming together because of one main issue: representation. I think one of the main reasons BITM is important is because there aren’t enough Black people speaking up about the issues at hand in the Maritimes, and while I am not there my Facebook certainly keeps me up to date with each racist incident and in 24 hours they become stories of the past, and are already forgotten. Our group exists so those stories stay relevant, so that Black voices are heard. 

I think it was important to also have a female perspective on the show, and I’m glad I could be the one to offer that. Having come from childhood trauma, with a background in addictions and sexual assault I have a weird resume for someone who has enough trauma to handle most situations delicately but firmly. I’ve learned that the way people speak in and around drug use has to be done a certain way, and being able to apply that skills toward any trauma, be it trauma surrounding racism, is certainly a good tool to have live on a podcast. 

My hope is that this podcast grows into a multimedia platform for various news, reviews, and content for Black communities globally. All five members have different niches and we all bring something different to the table that others could and will enjoy. I remember hearing about this podcast years ago when it started, and while it’s unfortunate that Blacks grow and build off of racist incidents and trauma to be ‘hyped up’, 2020 was huge for Black businesses being noticed on a global scale. Hopefully from the pain and suffering of other Blacks, all of the people who have come together and formed this call to action will be able to help one another and help Black businesses thrive – including Black in the Maritimes. 

I’m glad to be here to offer a female perspective; a traumatized, wounded, but resilient perspective. I can be reached @cropberry. Thank you for consuming any and all BITM content!

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