I’m a creative guy with a passion for change. I started the Black in the Maritimes podcast due to some questions that I could not get answers to and conversations that barely happen in Canadian media like “Why there are not enough black voices? Why minorities are barely in politics? Why do people in the maritime see black people almost the same when we are all different?” As I started having all of these questions I realized that I could not be the only one. I worked with Marcus and we connected well having conversations about music, comics, and black culture in general. I told him about doing a podcast together and it went from there.

In late 2018 my life was not going that great and Marcus moved to Saint John NB. So the podcast took a year hiatus, In mid-2019 I started realizing that I still wanted those questions answered and to have conversations so I restarted it in different formats. In 2020 I interviewed common people to see what the black experience was like for them, that’s when I met Clinton Davis and Allon Mccall. As the podcast has gone forward we have incorporated people like Hillary Leblanc and hopefully will include more people in the future.

I feel these conversations that needs to be present in Canada and all regions since there are a lot of stories and voices that are not heard. Somehow or someway we need to amplify this and have a chance for having real equality in our society. Creating has always been a passion of mine so I started numerous projects such and online radio stations, websites, and events. Years have passed by and I’m still always learning and hoping to grow conversations about social change.

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