My Name is Clinton G. Davis, born and raised in Toronto with a Jamaican Father and a mother from PEI. Despite my parents’ best efforts to not see colour, my 3 siblings and I while not Black nor White, didn’t speak about it and were definitely confused about it all growing up. Eventually I realized I was a Canadian, living life though the eyes of my darker skin. Music, Art, being Vocal, and Entrepreneurship have been lifelong passions of mine, and I’ve always spent my time finding new ways to combine the four. 

I visited my parents for 10 years after they moved to NB in 1999. In 2009 I came for an extended visit and to make a long story short, eventually I stuck around. I was shocked by the lack of cultural understanding found here, and by the racism! Intentional, unintentional, hateful, “playful”, or “completely unaware you are being really racist” racism. Call it what you will. Things have improved these past 20 years, but there’s a long way to go.

I met Fidel in the Summer of 2019. Our kids were at the park and got in a minor disagreement. We’d known of each other but never met, and we kept in touch. In March 2020 he asked if he could interview me for his podcast. When I checked out BITM, I was in disbelief years had gone by and I hadn’t heard of it, so I started digging in. It was amazing and exactly what this part of Canada needed. We did the interview and kept in touch. I knew I wanted to be involved immediately. It kept rolling around in my head, I’d spoken out about racism many times over the years but I wanted to do more. We met for drinks a couple of times, and in June/July of 2020 I came on board to help out with Social Media, Marketing, Funding, the production of the Podcast itself and more.

BITM’s overall support base has increased by about 1500% since then, and through the combined efforts of the whole team, we are producing more original content than ever, and engaging more people through our expanding channels. This means we are continuously getting important messages out to larger groups of people, and I’m just so proud/humbled to be a part of all of that. We’re not politicians, activists or journalists, but we are a strong voice nonetheless. For 2021 I want Black in the Maritimes to grow to be bigger than just the sum of its parts (us). We are still exploring what this can grow into. If you’re here reading this right now, I hope you’ll be part of that ride.