My name is Marcus Marcial. I am a proud black man, the guitarist of Sonic Detour and I am one of the co founders of black in the maritimes podcast. I was born and raised on the East Coast of Canada, more specifically Saint John, New Brunswick. I feel privileged to be raised in a loving black family with 3 siblings two older and one younger. Our family was one of a few black families in Saint John seeing as our community is small. In school I was one of 5 black people attending, but as the grades progressed less black people were enrolled as the older ones graduated. I eventually graduated as one of two black people. Growing up reading comic books and playing music had a limited Black presence, much like my surroundings, so my parents made sure we were quite aware of who was doing what in our culture. 

I’d have to say, going to local shows and seeing local rock and metal bands play from all over Canada, there was always very little representation for myself: a black nerdy who plays heavy music, much like the non-existent representation in comic books and the area around me. We are out there; it was just odd to me that kids don’t see more options to aspire towards than aspiring to then being a ball player or a rapper. 

Fidel and I decided 5 years ago while working side by side and having a discussion that we should do a podcast and let people know it’s not just our American neighbors who have systemic racism that needs to be discussed and resolved. I mean it’s 2021. 

From the perspective of your black hard rock musician/nerd culturist. Welcome to the conversation we are happy to have you.